Why do you have a blue bar on your black belt?

You have a blue bar on your black belt, explain the difference between the blue bar and the red bar.  The whole belt ranking system has gone through a lot of changes over the years.  When Grand Master Helio got frustrated with what sports Jiu Jitsu had become, he took off his red belt and went back to his navy blue belt.  Royce also felt the art of self defense had died, so he felt it was important to champion the cause to keep self defense alive, so he took his black belt off and wore his navy blue belt to honor his father.  A number of years ago a lot of our other network black belts suggested the idea to seperate the Royce Gracie network from the rest of the sport industry, and not wear the red bar, and that we would wear the navy blue bar and that would differentiate us to show that we focus on self defense and honor Grand Master Helio.

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