My son is in the youth jiu jitsu program at the Delaware combat sports in Camden. He has dabbled in a few different sports and never really showed interest. Until he started here. Not only is he learning a great skill and life lessons, he is becoming part of a family. His jiu jitsu family is amazing. Great coaches, mentors and friends. The coaches are absolutely wonderful. I have seen classes jam packed and all the kids still get the one on one with the coaches. I am truly happy with Delaware combat sports and all they do. It’s an incredible thing to be apart of!


I am a 36 year old man that never took a martial arts class before in my life and I honestly say that choosing to go in for a trial lesson at Delaware Combat Sports was one of my better decisions.  One year and a half later I am stronger, fitter, and I feel calmer and more confident in my life.

Learning jiu jitsu is hard, and I am not athletic but Ronnie, Blaine, Frances and all the other teachers and students patiently help me no matter slow I am on the uptake.  It’s amazing how skilled my fellow students are as well.  Overall, the learning environment is positive and supportive but tough.  You will not be coddled, but you will learn.

If you’re thinking of taking BJJ for whatever reason (self defense, fitness, sport etc) I cannot recommend it enough.  You should do it…you’d be surprised how tough you actually are.


I am the Mother of 2 boys who both attend Ronnie Wuest’s Delaware Combat and Self-Defense Academy and I could not be more proud of the program.  It is evident that Ronnie is heart and soul invested in the training that takes place at all 3 of his locations.  Not only has he made sure that all of his instructors are of the highest caliber but he himself rotates to each of his locations to personally teach classes.  I am beyond impressed that Ronnie knows the names of each and every student that he instructs and it is evident that he takes pride in the progress of each individual that he trains.  One thing that comes to mind when I watch class is that *perfect* practice makes perfect.  Ronnie and his staff make sure that the students practice everything they learn the right way and repetition ensures that these moves will become second nature.  I am confident that no student will ever be promoted simply for participation, but that they will be promoted based on merit.  No mother ever wants her child to be involved in a violent situation, and Ronnie is always explicitly clear that the techniques he teaches are NOT aggressive in nature, but I am confident that should the need arise both of my children will be equipped to defend themselves based on the instruction that they have received at Delaware Combat Sports.


My son Christian has struggled with his weight for many years, dieting just hasn’t been enough so we have tried many different sports to no avail as he usually losses interest and ends up either just doing the minimum level of participation or asking to quit.

In January of 2014, we decided to try Delaware Combat Sports and Self Defense Academy. Initially we started with only the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Christian responded so well to the coaching style of Coach Ronnie that soon he starting attending the Wrestling Program as well in addition to attending the Judo class on Saturday afternoon sometimes. His Dr. praises the tremendous improvements in his weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, stamina, and flexibility.

Christian attends classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday so to say that he is very committed and enjoys training here goes without saying. The instruction has really been the key here, all the Instructors are top notch and they really are interested in helping their students reach their goals. I am so very proud of my son for his dedication to all the programs and I’m very thankful for the dedication of all of his Instructors and their investment in helping him achieve his goals as well as living a much healthier life!


In my experience I cannot say enough of how valuable the classes at Delaware Combat Sports have been to my children. In learning Jiu Jitsu my children have been taught self defense, discipline and respect. I can honestly say I feel confident that my kids know what to do if they are bullied or attacked. The lessons that they have learned are valuable life lessons that I could never put a price on. They have flourished in the classes and I have enjoyed watching their knowledge learned in these classes be applied in their daily life. My son is also taking the wrestling classes and I have found the knowledge he gains has made him more excited about wrestling in general. All of the classes have increased their confidence in wrestling and in life. The people at Delaware Combat Sports have become a second family to me and now my husband is participating in classes as well. I really cannot say enough about everything we have gained in choosing to attend classes at Delaware Combat Sports. It has been a path well chosen for me and my family.


I have never been one to talk about myself, but I was
asked to share my story….

Six months ago, almost to the day,  I went to
a routine doctor visit for my high blood pressure, I dreaded every step into the
office; first the scale, then the blood pressure cuff.  The nurse noticed my
birthdate and kindly said,”wow, you re soon to be 40!”….ughh, like I really
needed to be reminded.  My blood pressure was the same, the medication was
keeping it down some,  my doctor then started to lectured me about my weight and
pointed out that my cholesterol numbers were starting to change.  Though I had a
good diet and walked for exercise on a regular basis, the doctor told me I
needed to step it up.  I left the dr’s office feeling even worse then I went
in.  I sat in my car for a few minutes and decided to make a change, I was going
to make turning 40 fabulous. Before I even left the parking lot  I called
Ronnie, an old friend on facebook. He ALWAYS  was posting about this place  he
co-owns called ” Delaware Combat Sports and Fitness”.      Well, I can honestly
say that was one of the best calls I could of made.

This morning I left
my routine dr visit smiling with tears in my eyes…not only am I 15 lbs lighter
then my last visit, my cholesterol numbers were close to perfect AND the best
part is my blood pressure was so low, after 6 years on medication for it, I may
be able to stop taking it!

I have set a new goal for my next visit …I
will be another 15 pounds lighter (if not more) ,  I will be completely
controlling my blood pressure WITHOUT the medication, and I will remain fabulous
in my 40’s-this I know I can do because of Ronnie, Howard, and Ben at Delaware
Combat Sports and Fitness.

Jean Thomas, a very happy client!