How does DCSA teach Jiu Jitsu?

The adult class is an hour class at each location 2 days a week, we all wear a white outfit with blue undershirt, we keep the class very organized.  The first 10 minutes is the history philosophy lesson, we talk about history of Jiu-jitsu, positive thinking, healthy eating, how to keep emotionally balanced.  The next 15 minutes we teach a self defense technique, whatever is on the curriculum for that day, we have a very rigid curriculum.  The next self defense technique can be very similar or very different and then the last technique of the day is something on the ground.  It’s instructional it’w with a partner, nothing live and nothing full speed.  No one is forced to train live or physical, that way there is no ego involved.  Then after that we offer another class called sparring, this is a good time to test what they learn.  It is not required or pressured to do live training, but it is available when you are ready.

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