How do promotions work?

We have very strict and very rigid criteria.  First and foremost it is a basic time.  For every belt rank we have, there is a solid guideline for how much a student needs to be in attendance.  For example our white belt, brand new student.  That person needs to expect that he will attend class 2 to 3 times a week, he will be a respectful training partner and student, and should expect to be a white belt in about 2 years.  The first criteria is time and the second criteria is knowledge.  What have you learned and what can you display to us live with an existing proponent. The next thing is are you a good person, not just on the mat, but also out on the street.  On the mat are you respectful to your partner, are you respectful to your instructor, are you respectful to the facility.  It’s a time, a character issue, it’s an experience issue, and it’s a skill issue, that’s how promotions are based here.

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