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Delaware’s Top Team Wrestling Club located in Smyrna, DE is an ALL YEAR AROUND wrestling club and is open to kids from all over Delaware and Maryland from ages 4-18. It exists to provide a high level of individualized wrestling instruction at an affordable price to select central Delaware youth. Our goal is to create a club that is renown for a high level of wrestling skill, professionalism and integrity. The instruction will be delivered through positive reinforcement and constructive criticism with an emphasis on good sportsmanship. The club’s intent is to provide an opportunity for youth of all skill levels to participate in formal wrestling competition. It is equally important to provide positive guidance for club members when they accomplish goals as well as when their goals are temporarily delayed.

Top Team Wrestling club does not participate in competitive “Dual Meet” style tournaments. We do not believe young children should have to be experienced and skilled in order to compete. Every child at Top Team that consistantly practices is is welcome to compete at any and all tournaments we attend.

What differentiates Top Team Wrestling Club from other clubs is the fact that Top Team strictly adheres to it’s maximum capacity policy. Top Team has a maximum capacity of 50 kids. This policy is in place to ensure every child gets the personal attention and instruction he or she deserves. Many programs have well over one hundred kids and often times kids get lost within their programs, this will not happen at Top Team.

We at Top Team Wrestling also recommend, but do not require, that our wrestlers participate in our Brazilian Jiu-Jistu and Judo programs as well as wrestling. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a grappling art similar to wrestling; however, it has significantly different rules and objectives. Brazilian Jitsu Teaches kids to use more leverage and techniques rather than strengh and athleticism. Judo is a take down and throwing art. Judo will teach the child many more variations to take downs giving the child that many more take downs in his or her arsonal of techniques.

The Director and Head Coach of Delaware’s Top Team Wrestling Club is Ronnie Wuest. Ronnie is a current and active member of the National Wrestling Coaches Association. He has over 25 years of wrestling experience. Ronnie is currently a retired Professional Mixed Martial Artist and Royce Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt. Ronnie is also an IBJJF World and 2X Pan American Brazilian Jitsu Champion where his wrestling background and knowledge have led to his success in the sport.

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Ronnie Wuest







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