What are the details of the fighting foundations curriculum?

Royce Gracie decided several years ago he wanted to better systemize his teachings.  As the network has grown everyone has started doing something different and the way they wanted.  So Royce decided he wanted to systemize it with one central specific curriculum.  It’s an organized specific curriculum that his father used to teach.

Do you charge fees for promotions ceremonies?

No, We believe if a student is paying monthly tuition, they are a good student, they are learning what they need to learn, they are a good person, the promotion whether it be a stripe which is recognition on their belt or a new belt.  That’s part of the tuition, that’s a recognition, it’s a progress report and or here’s your new belt rank.  That should all be included in their tuition.

It bothers me to no end that other martial arts schools basically  hold their students hostage.  They collect a monthly tuition, then they still charge you more just to verify you know what we taught you, and then they charge you for a piece of tape.

We will never charge anyone for any rank promotion and I don’t think anyone should charge tested fees.


What can a student expect on their first day?

What can a student expect on the first day?  Nervousness is expected.  We normally speak with people before they come in so hopefully all of your questions will be answered before you come in. The instructor would introduce themselves and introduce you to a few other students.  There is no ego, there is no competition in class.  You line up in class, and we start the class.  The instructor would pair you up with someone who is good at working with new students, someone very friendly and knowledgeable.  Then you would just run through the drills with the class.  No reason to be scared or nervous.  I guarantee after the first couple minutes you will fee perfectly relaxed.


Do students have the chance to interact with Royce Gracie?

As a Royce Gracie academy do students of your academy have a chance to interact with Royce Gracie at all?  Yes he travels, he teaches seminars all over the world.  He makes it a point to stop here a few times a year for a few days.  He teaches adult seminars, youth seminars, and teaches privates for whoever wants a private lesson with him.


What is GI and NOGI training?

What is the difference between GI and NOGI training?  The GI is actually another word for the Kimono.  The reason we train with it is because if you are in an altercation you have the ability to grab the clothes and they have the ability to grab yours.  So we have to train around the fact that there is grabbing involved.  If we were just using street clothes they would get ripped and torn all the time.  NOGI means you are not wearing a GI, you are wearing shorts and T-shirt.  In that kind of training you wouldn’t grab any clothes.  NOGI means you train in the same Jiu-Jitsu but you modify things a little bit because you can’t grab the clothes.

Are there seperate techniques for men, women, and children?

No there is not seperate techniques, that’s the beauty of Jiu-Jitsu that’s what makes it such a proven effective Martial Art.  There are no techniques that we teach that are size and athleticism specific.  We teach the same techniques to the 7 year old girl that we do to the 21 year old division one wrestler, to the 70 year old grandparent.  Because none of the techniques we teach need athleticism, everything we teach is based off of leverage, and knowledge and logic.

Does Delaware Self Defense Academy offer specials or discounts?

Why don’t you offer discounts or specials?  Our credentials, our lineage, our facilities, and quite frankly our staff is the best you will find anywhere.  If our enrollment specialists or Instructor have a conversation with you after your free trial class, then you will have all the details you need to make a decision.  We don’t believe that we want to or do we need to beg people to come try us out, if people want the best then they know where to come.  We want people who value the facility and instruction.

Are there opportunities to train other than class times?

What if students can’t make it to scheduled classes?  All of our locations have opposing schedules so you can go to any location at a time that works well for you.  All of our locations are only about 15 minutes away from each other so it is very convenient.  Private lessons are also available.

What are the rules at Delaware Self Defense Academy?

Over the years I have actually had students bothered and even left because of the amount of policies that we have.  But our policies are simple.  You wear the required uniform.  You keep that uniform clean and tidy.  You are respectful to the organization.  We don’t allow any food or drink in the facility, we don’t allow any shoes on our mat, we don’t allow any jewelry.  No phones, no talking.

What are the differences between a professional academy and a hobby gym?

There may be someone who is very good at Jiu-Jitsu, but they have a full time job and other obligations, this is what I would call a hobby organization.  The focus ends up being focused on the teacher instead of the student.  The emphasis is not put on the success of the student or the facility.  Where as a professional Jiu-Jitsu academy where the instructor/owner is their full time operation, it’s run like a business, and I don’t necessarily because of revenue, what I mean is the students are customers.  They have to be treated well and with respect, we have to make sure the facility is clean and fully stocked.  We have to make sure the staff is fully trained and responsible.  I have seen a lot of hobby places just cancel practice because they have something else to do.  The difference that you need to pay attention to is that if it is a hobby type facility then you are going to get a hobby level instruction and experience.  Whereas a professional facility you are going to get the highest level of instruction, the highest level of credentials, and the schedule is going to be there all the time.