Please note and review the following policies:

  • Adult, White belt Gracie Jiu-Jitsu students with less than two stripes (zero or one stripe) are not permitted to spar or train live during any sparring class. They may only spar live during a private lesson with a Delaware Self Defense Academy approved Purple belt or higher instructor.
  • Adult, two stripe White belts and above may spar with any two stripe White belt and above during the sparring classes and open mats.
  • Children (under 16 years old) are allowed to attend open mats; however, their parent or guardian must remain there the entire time.
  • Children (under 16 years old) are not permitted to be “dropped off” to open mats.
  • There is a $20.00 per person “mat fee” for any non-current student youth or adult that wishes to attend an open mat.